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Nutrition and Cycling

For years, the mantra of many cyclist was about carbo loading, high carb meals, and carbs fuel your ride. But recently, with the popularity of low carb diets, some cyclists have begun to doubt the mindset that a high carb diet is the solution for them. Instead, they...

A burger with almond butter and berries on top?

I first heard about this from a post from the co-owner of Axistence Athletics. It’s a bunless burger with almond butter and berries on top. This article isn’t a typical recipe but more of a guide. You can introduce slight modifications throughout to make it to your...

Meow Wolf is coming to Denver

We are HUGE Meow Wolf fans and we couldn't be more excited that Meow Wolf has decided to expand to Denver. What is Meow Wolf? It is an artist collective that provides workspaces and grants for artist, but most people know Meow Wolf for their permanent interactive art...

Itchy-O’s New Year’s Trifecta

For the fourth year in a row, we spent our New Year's Eve celebrating with Itchy-O, a Denver avante garde band that is hard to describe. This year, they performed 3 nights in a row to ring in the new year - in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and then in Denver on NYE....

‘I used to be a sprinter’

“I used to be a sprinter.” Liv has told me that a few times. She 'used to be a sprinter' before the bomb. I can’t undo the bomb, but I hope you, me, and the Challenged Athletes Foundation can help Liv be a sprinter again. Liv is applying for a grant for a running leg....

Chased by laughter

Riding a bike. It is something so simple we make it benchmark for comparison. “It’s so easy, it’s like riding a bike.” But riding a bike is something I took for granted.

Protein Power Bars

This Protein Power Bar recipe is derived from a recipe that my cycling coach, Steve gave to me. I added some nuts and almond flour and slightly tweaked the amounts from the original recipe. It is easy to tweak with different protein powder flavors, nuts, and dried fruit.

Living Outside the Box!

Liv and I both love to do CrossFit at our local box, Axistence Athletics. Of course, that doesn't mean that is all that we do, and I'm sure you are the same way. Axistence Athletics believes that you don't go to the gym just to get better at going to the gym. You go...

5 Awesome Festivals

Fayetteville Dogwood Festival The Fayetteville (NC) Dogwood Festival is the city's marquee event and one of the biggest in the Southeast, featuring a midway/carnival, food vendors, live entertainment, inflatable/bounce houses, arts and crafts, a classic car show,...

Zeal goes to Meow Wolf for Itchy-O

October 2016, Patrick and I headed to Albuquerque for the Balloon Festival, which was a fantastic time.  While we were there, I noticed someone with a hat that said Meow Wolf.  I thought it was a bit of an odd phrase, maybe a band I hadn’t heard of or something, and...

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