The science of living with ZEAL!




Create products that serve a useful function in your quest to live a life with ZEAL!



Deliver products that are the top notch in quality.


Our goal is to do more than sell products. We want to highlight people living life with ZEAL and give back to our community at all levels.

Zealology is Living Life with Zeal!

At Zealology we strive to create products that mesh perfectly with your lifestyle. Our first product, the Zealology Ring, is designed to be aesthetically-pleasing and slim, scratch-proof and weather-resistant, breathable and non-toxic, so that you can wear your ring with pride, safety, and comfort during ANY activity. We’ve also created a line of shirts and other apparel that matches our zeal. But we want to do more than just products. We want to contribute to our community by giving to causes that we care about, highlighting people and groups living life with ZEAL, and creating a community of Zealologists. And join us in building a better world!

  • (noun)
    great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

  • (combining form)
    indicating the science or study of…

  • (noun)
    The Science of Living with Zeal!

  • (noun)
    A scientist in the pursuit of living a life with enthusiasm and zeal!


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